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Cae Joseph Massena Im a big fan of Kuku's work and it is quite lovely to be able to support him in that way . Thanks for your stellar work and vibration.
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A few weeks ago, I asked all my friends, audience, and supporters to pick a single from my upcoming album "Ballads & Blasphemy". This was to be done solely by choosing a appealing track title without the audio accompaniment. Ironically in my opinion, the song "Iwà Rere" prevailed as the most choosing track.

For those of you who know not what they like, but like only what they know, this will not be validated for you by some so-called music blog, some influencer music journalist, or some almighty deity of African music. This is the Ballad of "Iwà Rere"-(Good Character). It is an areligious sermon of virtue in a largely virtueless world.

We Yoruba people say "Iwa rere leso eniyan "- (Good character is a person's jewel). Unfortunately, in this mundane times good behavior is often perceived as a weakness. Nevertheless, I hope your hearts' find the jewel in this rhyme and reason. Like a single seed yields a giant tree, I hope this simple song inspires your highest selves.

Behold "Iwà Rere"-(Good Character), the free single from my upcoming 5th studio album Ballads & Blasphemy.



Iwà Rere

Eyin funfun lẹsọ erin
Ọmọ rere lẹsọ obi
Ade ori lẹsọ kabiyesi
Iwa rere lẹsọ eda

Oruka ọwọ lẹsọ igbeyawo
Dikaka dikuku lẹsọ alakọwe
Bibeli Mimọ lẹsọ oni igbagbọ
Iwa rere lẹsọ eda

Ọbẹ to dun lẹsọ iṣasun
Ṣe ti ka lulu ka kọrin ayọ lẹsọ tiwa
Ade ori lẹsọ kabiyesi
Bibeli Mimọ lẹsọ oni igbagbọ
Alafia pipe ni baba ẹsọ
Iwa rere lẹsọ ẹda

Iwà Rere, Will never go out of style, Ẹ jẹ a se dada ọmọ araye, Ka fi ife lo, Ka fi iyọnu lo, Ẹni gbadura ko wu wà rere, Iwà Rere, Iwà Rere, Iwà Rere, Iwà ni ẹsin.

© All Rights Reserved ABDULZATAR KUKU 2014

Iwà Rere English Translation

As the adornment of a smile are white teeth
As a good child is the pride of her parent
As the crown is the jewel (symbol) of a King
So is good character the jewel of a person

As a ring is the jewel (adornment) of matrimony
As smartness, quick-wittedness, and professionalism is the manner of the executive
As the Holy Bible is the jewel of a Christian
So is good character the jewel of a person

As a savory stew adorns a cooking pot
As making joyful music compliments my existence
As the crown is the jewel of a King
As the Holy Bible is the sacred jewel of a Christian
As peace of mind is the father of well-being
So is good character the jewel of a person

Good character will never go out of style.
Do good deeds humanity
ACt with love, act with kindness
He who prays let your deeds reflect goodness
Virtue, compassion, and plain goodness,
That is worship

© All Rights Reserved ABDULZATAR KUKU 2014


released July 14, 2014
KUKU- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Udu
Mongezi Ntaka- Electric Guitar
Written by KUKU
Produced by KUKU & Mongezi Ntaka



all rights reserved


KUKU Paris, France

American born Nigerian singer-songwriter KUKU bridges the gap between his Yoruba roots and the western world. His effortless blend of mindful Yoruba lyricism, English, and Pidgin English with percussive guitar progression, and infectious percussions makes up his "Ijebu Cosmopolitan Suite". ... more

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